Infidelity in a relationship is not the end of the world! Embrace a brand new tomorrow.

We can promptly initiate an investigation for you.

Infidelity in a relationship is not the end of the world! Embrace a brand new tomorrow.

The once-promised commitment and trust now seem to be fading away, like a forest shrouded in mist, where you wander lost. Struck by the betrayal of love, your soul feels as if it's sinking into an abyss without end. While holding onto slipping fingers, time passes irretrievably. Every shift of the gaze, every instance of silence, serves as evidence of the shattered beauty that once was.

However, after this storm, there might be a certain kind of purification. Amid pain and confusion, you may reevaluate yourself, seeking your own worth and resilience. Perhaps, within the crucible of suffering, you'll rediscover the innocence that once resided within you, facing future challenges with a stronger spirit. Seeking assistance in catching adultery can be a twist in the love story, bringing pain yet offering the potential for growth and rebirth amid that pain. The path of love is often one of enduring storms, but once they pass, you might find a truer version of yourself and a brighter tomorrow.

Infidelity and Divorce Regulations in Singapore

In Singapore, to file for divorce, it's essential to understand whether the Singaporean courts have jurisdiction over your marriage. Under normal circumstances, in order to divorce in Singapore, both spouses must have been married for at least three years. Additionally, one of the parties must be a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident, or must have resided in Singapore for the three years immediately preceding the divorce application. If the marriage has not lasted for three years, the applicant must provide sufficient evidence of an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Under Section 95(1) of the Women's Charter, the only ground for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Section 95(3) outlines the following circumstances that satisfy the criteria of an "irretrievable breakdown":

1. Adultery
2. Unreasonable behavior
3. Desertion
4. Separation for at least three years with consent
5. Separation for four years

If the applicant cannot present evidence for any of the aforementioned circumstances to the court, the court cannot determine the marriage as irretrievable and thus cannot grant a divorce.

One of the reasons mentioned above, "adultery," refers to engaging in sexual intercourse with a third party who is not the spouse. If there is no sexual intercourse involved, it is difficult to establish the grounds of adultery. However, it's crucial to note that upon discovering evidence of a spouse's adultery, the divorce application must be completed within six months, or else the behavior might not be deemed as causing an "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage."

Process of Catching Adultery

When a spouse exhibits unusual behavior, many people hire private investigators to gather evidence and investigate the facts of infidelity. Generally, effective evidence includes proving that a spouse engaged in sexual relations with another person and providing evidence suggesting the possibility of adultery. Due to this difficulty, it's challenging for the aggrieved party to gather evidence themselves.

The process of catching adultery involves two phases. In the first phase, an infidelity investigation and evidence collection are conducted by monitoring the spouse's daily routines and movements to identify potential times for infidelity. Once the infidelity is confirmed, the aggrieved party must carefully consider whether to proceed with catching adultery.

Essentially, during the initial phase of evidence collection, it's possible to deduce the times when adultery may have occurred. Thus, it's important to seize the opportunity to gather evidence of sexual relations between the spouse and the third party. However, it's worth noting that catching adultery usually signifies a determination to end the marriage, as the confrontation during the act of catching adultery is rarely peaceful. Many times, the situation escalates further, and the confrontation can be intense. If you still hope to salvage the marriage, it's advised not to catch adultery. Additionally, it's crucial to remember that under the law, if adultery is proven, a divorce application must be filed within six months; otherwise, even if adultery is proven, it may not qualify as grounds for an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Lida Detective Agency - Professional Investigators

Lida Detective Agency offers professional services in infidelity investigation and adultery catching. Our private detectives undergo several months of training before they are assigned cases. Additionally, with the advancement of technology, we ensure that our investigation equipment and devices are state-of-the-art, greatly reducing the chances of encountering obstacles during investigations. As each case is unique, we analyze client consultations and plan the safest, most secure, and effective investigation strategies to meet customer requirements.

Advantages of choosing Lida Detective Agency:
1. Experienced private detectives provide in-depth analysis and advice.
2. Professional investigators and equipment effectively uncover the truth.
3. Timely execution of the investigation plan, with 24/7 online service.
4. Profound understanding of legal regulations to avoid inadvertent legal issues.

Generally, conducting investigations or catching adultery on your own might involve moral and legal risks. Hiring private detectives from Lida Detective Agency allows for effective investigations and helps clients avoid all risks. Any issues are handled by our professional team to ensure your safety. One of the most troublesome aspects of conducting your own investigation is that if your target becomes suspicious during the evidence collection process, the difficulty of the investigation significantly increases. In the worst-case scenario, it might lead to a failed evidence collection. Hence, we advise those with infidelity investigation and adultery catching needs to seek professional assistance to ensure the achievement of their goals. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact Lida Detective Agency. Our professional investigators will provide explanations for your concerns.

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